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The Enhanced by T.C. Edge

I enjoyed reading The Enhanced by T.C. Edge. It is the first book of a series. The story takes place in the city of Haven which is a relatively safe place in a world that has been decimated by nuclear war. It is a class-based society. At the top are the Enhanced, people who have special abilities through genetic modifications of their ancestors and live in the inner city, and the Unenhanced, aka normal people who live in the outer city. The Enhanced are sort of benevolent rulers.

The main character of the story is Brie, an 18-year-old orphan. She is occasionally contracted out by the orphanage for odd jobs to bring in much-needed money to keep the place going. One day she and her roommate are working in the market cleaning off graffiti when there is a terrorist attack. She and her friend rush in to help those who have been wounded, even though it is dangerous. Their actions are caught on camera and the Enhanced leaders decide as a PR move to bring them to the inner city for an award. As Brie begins to interact and learn about the Enhanced, she has more questions than answers, and Brie is not the type of person who is content with half-truths and evasions.

I read The Enhanced at the beach in a couple of afternoons. The beginning was a bit slow but interesting enough that I started skimming forward. Before I knew it, I was deep into and enjoying the story.  For the most part, I thought the world building was well done and the characters interesting. The other downside was that book one ended abruptly, more like a cliff hanger in a TV season ending than a book with a complete story. So, be prepared to jump into book two, Hybrid, if you like it.

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