giant days

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Giant Days Volumes 1 & 2 by John Allison

Giant Days is a British graphic novel that follows three “dorm-mates” through their first year in university.  The three, Daisy Wooton, homeschooled and unworldly; Esther De Groot, a bit rash and overly dramatic; and Susan Ptolemy, who thinks she is the only one with common sense; become fast friends despite their unalike personalities and backgrounds.  Hand in glove they help each other navigate the challenges that come with being in a new environment, trying out their independence and making choices on their own.  They revel in each other’s successes and comfort each other through the disappointments that come with university life.

Giant Days has a lighthearted feel to it, even while addressing some of the many issues that freshman often encounter such as the stress of classes, getting sick, love interests and heartbreak, experimenting with drugs and dealing with sexual predators on campus.  Along with these trials, the girls also have plenty of fun shopping together, going to parties and dances and taking revenge on those who do them wrong.

Overall this is a warm-hearted story that celebrates the power of friendship.

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