the loop by benjamin oliver

The Loop by Benjamin Oliver

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Luka Kane is a normal 16 year old who is in a Juvenile prison called “The Loop.” He is on death row. He knows that he won’t be going home, but he can delay his execution by agreeing, every 6 months, to participate in a medical experiment. Sometimes these experiments, or “delays,” are innocuous, but …

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long range by cj box

Long Range by C.J. Box

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In Long Range, by C. J. Box, game warden Joe Pickett is called in to help with the sniper shooting of a Judge’s wife. Judge Hewitt’s wife was killed by accident as the shot was intended for the Judge. Judge Hewitt is beside himself and calls on all of the local law enforcement officers in …

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deep state by chris hauty

Deep State by Chris Hauty

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Deep State by Chris Hauty is a current day political thriller. The central character of the story is Hailey Chill, a young woman who grew up in rural West Virginia and managed to overcome obstacles and pull herself out of the downward spiral of her home community. She did this by joining the army and …

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