audiobook sync 2020

Audiobook Sync 2020 – It Has Started!

This is your chance to get free audiobooks selected for teen audiences during the summer. Each week for 13 weeks 2 audiobooks with a common theme are offered. The books are available for a week and the offerings change on Thursday nights. While the books are only available for a week, once you download them you can listen to them whenever you want.

The program is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine. Previously the books were available using the Overdrive, which is a program available for Windows, Mac, android and iOS phones. This year the programs is using Sora, a reading app from Overdrive geared towards students. You can download the Sora app from the app store for your phone, or from your computer go to the website and enter the Sync setup code “audiobooksync” and your email address. You will be prompted to install the app on your computer, which is a very quick process. Then you browse the titles and click on “borrow” for ones you want to listen to. Once borrowed you can listen to them even after the week is over.

the Sora website

The offerings this year span a wide range of genres, interests, and perhaps maturity levels. There are a number of classics being offered as well as non-fiction, and fiction stories. Each book has an extensive overview and it is possible to listen to a sample of the recording. The overview and sample audio are available now, so you don’t have to wait until the week the book is offered to see what is coming.

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