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ivy takes care by rosemary wells
Format reviewed: Audio
Emily Beresford
3 hours


All For Our Country

Ivy Takes Care by Rosemary Wells

Carson City, Nevada
Time Period:
[trim]Animal care, veterinary work[/trim]
Introspective, quiet, determined

It took a bit of looking to find children’s historical fiction on audio that was set in Nevada! Ivy’s summer adventures give readers a close-up look at some of the unique animals and terrain of Nevada and is a perfect summer read for elementary-aged children.

Ivy and her best friend Annie live near Carson City, Nevada. While Annie spends her summers at an expensive camp in New Hampshire, Ivy stays at the Red Star Guest Ranch where both her parents are employed. Fearful that Annie will make new friends and forget her, Ivy hopes to keep Annie’s friendship by sending her an expensive friendship ring.  But how is she going to pay for it? Ivy loves animals of all kinds, so she starts a pet sitting service; the perfect way to earn money while filling her lonely days with friendship, adventure and a few near disasters.

By the end of the summer, Ivy will have learned a thing or two about herself and the meaning of true friendship, responsibility and what really matters in the end. She’ll take care of 2 horses and train a dog as well as have a few run-ins with the local wildlife including a desert tortoise, rattle snakes, and a fox with her kits.

Recognition:  2015 Volunteer State Book Award — Intermediate (Nominee)

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