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Equality State and Cowboy State

Paint the Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan


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Not too distant past, but before cell phones were common
Wyoming’s wild horses

Paint the Wind starts out in California, but quickly moves to Wyoming. In an interview, Pam Ryan said that she took hundreds of private horseback riding lessons and went on 2 extended research rides on horseback in Wyoming in preparation for writing this book. 

11-year old Maya has lived with her bitter, controlling and very overprotective grandmother ever since she was 6-years old and her parents were killed in an accident. When Maya’s grandmother has a sudden heart attack, Maya is sent to Wyoming to live with her mother’s family, all of whom are strangers to her. 

Maya struggles to adapt to the challenges and demands of ranch-life, but finds help adjusting with a Paint horse named Artemisia and her Aunt Vi. When disaster hits, Maya will have to use all of her new skills and knowledge and find the courage to trust both herself and Artemisia if she is going to survive.

Paint the Wind alternates between Maya’s and Artemisia’s points of view. The reader will learn along with Maya all about Wyoming’s wild horses, remuda horses, a wild horse gather and more. This is a good pick for horse lovers, budding horse lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Awards: The Willa Cather Award Finalist; Winner of the Pennsylvania Young Reader Award

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