shatter me

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Format reviewed: Audio
Ready by Kate Simses
9 hours and 12 minutes

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is a pretty amazing book.  It is a story that takes place in a dystonian future and is about Juliette, who has survived alone in prison without seeing another person.  This isn’t a story of someone wrongly accused.  Juliette is in for murder and she believes she deserves to be there and not out in the world.  One day, a guy named Adam is put into her cell with her.

The story telling style is unique. We share Juliette’s thoughts and she has been alone for so long that, well, maybe she is starting to lose it.  As Juliette struggles to stay sane and deal with what is thrown at her, her backstory is slowly revealed.  She lets her guard down and let’s Adam in … but Adam isn’t who he seems.

The story evolved from the introspection, to teen romance, to action scenes.  I’m not a big romance reader and sometimes skim some of the teen romance anxiousness.  However, the story kept momentum and I didn’t feel it lagging.  Also, I would have liked more fuller descriptions of the world where the story takes place.  I had a little difficulty envisioning  it and it seemed a bit generic.

I listened to the Audio book version of Shatter Me.  Sometimes the reader takes away from the story and sometimes they take a good story and make it great.  The latter was certainly the case with Shatter Me.  Kate Simses did an outstanding job as narrator. Shatter Me is part of a multi-book series.

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