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yasync 2017

YA Sync Starts Next Week – Free Audiobooks

YA Sync is a free summer audiobook program that starts next week on April 27th.  Each week, for 16 weeks, two different audiobooks are available for download. The program is geared towards teens, but anyone can download the weekly audiobooks.  The books are only available for one week.  After that week then the next two …

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coming of age stories for tweens

Coming-of-Age Stories for Tweens

Good coming-of-age stories can be powerful and life-changing for readers of all ages.  Traditionally, coming-of-age stories feature teens facing hardships that help them mature and become adults.  Nowadays this genre can refer to any book where the protagonist matures and learns some important life lessons by overcoming major obstacles in their life, no matter their …

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yalsa 2017 hub reading challenge

YALSA’s 2017 Hub Reading Challenge

Get ready, lovers of Young Adult books!  The 2017 Hub Reading Challenge is here!  What is the Hub Challenge, you ask? The Hub is the blog for YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association), a division of the American Library Association.  Every winter they sponsor a reading challenge featuring an amazing variety of award-winning young adult …

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choosing books to read for the hugo

Choosing Books to Read, Book Reviews and the 2017 Hugo Awards

Book reviews serve two purposes for me: first, to help me find a book to read and second, to gain additional perspectives on a book I’ve already read. We live in an amazing time and country where thousands of new book titles are published every week.  Since there are far more books I’d like to read …

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