coming of age stories for tweens

Coming-of-Age Stories for Tweens

Good coming-of-age stories can be powerful and life-changing for readers of all ages.  Traditionally, coming-of-age stories feature teens facing hardships that help them mature and become adults.  Nowadays this genre can refer to any book where the protagonist matures and learns some important life lessons by overcoming major obstacles in their life, no matter their age.  The struggles and soul searching of the characters in the story can provide inspiration, encouragement, and support to readers who are also experiencing rough times.  The goal of these books is not necessarily a happy ending, but an ending where the character has matured, grown a little wiser and reached a point where they can pick up the pieces of their lives and move on.

raymie nightingale
wolf hollow
the thing about jellyfish

I’ve just finished reading 3 excellent coming-of-age stories perfect for tweens.  Each of these protagonists has her own battles to fight and her own truths to discover and will give the reader plenty of food for thought. Any of these books would make great book club selections with plenty to discuss.  The 3 books take place in different times and locations, and each story has its own distinctive tone.

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